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A new strategy of Indian Government for Social Media Misuse

The internet had surely become a part of our daily life and though there have been a lot of advantages we could get from the internet, it is not far that we also could have some problems with it. Among this is the serious misuse of the internet and other social media.

Social Media - India Govt. Policy

Social Media – India Govt. Policy

With this in mind, the government had planned of setting up a cyber surveillance agency that would deal with these malicious intents. In a meeting that was chaired by National Security Advisor Shivshanker Menon, the government also have decided to create some guidelines that is directed to telecom operators.

This would ensure that there will be no unnecessary rumors that would spread through the internet that might cause problem and turmoil on people. The meeting was participated by senior officials from Home Ministry, PMO, intelligence agencies and the National Security council. All of them are eyeing on how to make this plan as effective as possible.


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