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Rs. 850 crore raised by Fullerton India

Funding is very much important for a company in order for it to carry out its plan for expansion and growth. This is why most companies today are doing their best on how they are going to get the investment from other firms or people to increase their money for developing the services and products they offer.

Fullerton India Logo

Fullerton India Logo

Just recently, the Fuller India Credit Company which is a non-banking financial firm has raise funds amounting to Rs 850 crore. It includes Rs 150 crore in equity capital. The parent firm of Fullerton India which is Fullerton Financial Holdings will also give Fullerton India Rs 150 crore additional equity capital.

This parent company is a Singapore-base firm. Fullerton India had said that this sum of capital is really timely so that they could carry out their expansion and development plans. They will also be using the raised fund in order to improve the services they offer and at the same time make their presence felt in the market.


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