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High Internet Speed “Fibre to Home” From BSNL

Today, everyone needs access on the internet and the greater the speed is, the better. This might be among the reason why BSNL is set to launch ‘Fibre to Home’ with a high speed internet. The facility is aimed at people who are seeking internet, telephone and TV channels’ access.  With an internet speed of up to 100mbps, this would definitely attract a lot of customers.

BSNL Fiber To Home Logo

BSNL – Fiber To Home

This kind of internet speed could help you download a movie in just minutes. Those who are fund of downloading would definitely love this kind of internet speed. This was in a statement given by a spokesperson of the company.

The FTH service is planned to be extended at the Global Investor Meet that is planned to happen in the next month. This will be hosted in India which is why mobile towers have been constructed. This service will be launched by the end of this month.


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