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3.2M114 Wind Turbines To Be Supplied by REpower

Wind turbines for generating power are quite popular these days due to environmental reasons. Repower Systems SE which is among the companies that creates these turbines and they are among the leading companies in the market. As a proof, the company was able to win a contract with Austrian operator Windkraft Simonfield AG for the delivery of eight 3.2M114 wind turbines.

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Repower Systems

This is definitely a big contract that is won by the company. On the second quarter of 2013, the turbines will be delivered and these Poysdorf-Wilfersdorf III wind farm is scheduled to be functional in the fourth quarter. These turbines have a hub height of 143 meters and can generate a rated power output of 3.2 megawatts (MW).

The total height of 200 meters makes this wind turbine the tallest ever constructed in the country. The company is not only contracted for delivering the turbines but is also responsible for its maintenance.


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