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Quanto SUV launched by Mahindra with starting price of Rs 5.82 lakh

The auto industry has become a competitive place for companies. This is why they are doing their best in order to present to the market a new brand of cars that would surely captivate the heart of car lovers. With this fact, M&M which is a leading car manufacturer in India launched its entry-level compact, SUV named Quanto.

Mahindra Quanto SUV Pictures

Mahindra Quanto SUV Pictures

It has a starting price of Rs 5.28 lakhs. This SUV comes with other variants which are the following: C2 priced at Rs 5.82 lakhs, C6 priced at Rs 6.86 lakhs, C4, priced at Rs 6.35 lakhs and C8 priced at Rs 7.36 lakhs.

These cars are quite powerful with an output of 100bhp and 240nm of torque. In addition to this, it has a mCR100 engine that has twin stage turbo technology that gives it power and torque delivery. This is just exactly what people needs today especially for those who are car enthusiasts.


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