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15 Per cent rise of Revenue for Ruchi Soya in FY 13

Ruchi Group of Industries Managing Director Dinesh Sahara told reporters that they are eyeing a 10-15 per cent increase in their sales for the FY 13. This increase is due to higher crushing, better margins through product innovations and increase in branded sales. The rise in soya meal exports is also among the reasons why there is a boost in the revenue of the company.

Ruchi Soya Group Logo

Ruchi Soya Group

Since the company is doing well in innovating their product, they are now slowly feeling the fruits of their efforts and labor. When it comes to exports, the company is also expecting to shop about 1.7 – 1.8 million tone soya meals. In the previous year, it was only at 1.5 million tone. Their exporting business is definitely helping the company grow and gain a lot of revenue.

This demand internationally had increase mainly because of droughts in South America that had affected their capacity to produce good number of crops.


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