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Samsonite To Launch New Products In Below Rs. 1000 Range By Diwali

The largest travel luggage company Samsonite is now doing something that would increase their sales and among this is by delivering a product that is still of high quality but making its cost less. This product will be available in a price less than Rs 1,000. The idea was opened up by the Samsonite president of Asia Pacific and Middle East, Ramesh Tainwala.

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This new project was codenamed ‘Project Pappu’. Creating a product that is cheaper is not that easy for this kind of company since it will affect the quality of their product. Though they want the product to be affordable to a lot of people, still they wanted to stick with their nature of providing high quality product.

This simply needs of rethinking on sourcing and design the president of the company said. They are quite optimistic that they will be able to carry out this project and that it would yield good sales for them.


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