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Caustic Soda projects to be set up by GACL and Nalco JV

Gujarat Alkalies and Chemicals is planning to set up a 2 lakh per annum (TPA) caustic soda project. This will be  together with Nalco at Dahej. This information was made available by the Managing Director of GACL M S Dagur.

The feasibility study of this project is already in the hands of the experts and they are expecting to get the result of their study in early November.

GACL - Gujarat Alkali Logo

GACL – Gujarat Alkali Logo

After this information would reach the management, they will surely come up with a decision thereafter. According to the estimation made by the company, the project would somehow cost them between Rs 600 crore and Rs 700 crore.

The company had already stated that there would be possibilities that they will enter a project with Nalco and this project would be over the next two to three years. The company is known in India for being the largest chlor alkali maker. Their major is in caustic soda.



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