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Vestas Entering the Indian Wind Turbines market

The Indian market is definitely seeing some good signs on its economy and is viewed by most companies as a promising country. To prove this, the world’s biggest wind turbine manufacturer decided to dive into the market of India. The name of the company is Vestas which is a Danish multinational firm.

Vestas logo

Vestas logo

According to a representative of the company, the wind energy market today is in a challenging situation that is why they are doing their best to make their presence felt in as many market as possible. Visibility is very important in this kind of business.

As part of their move to improve their company, Vestas has implemented some global re-organization plan to make the company more scalable and flexible.

They had already succeeded in cutting their cost by 250 million. This is a good sign that they are moving towards becoming a profitable organization. It will not be only good for the company, but also to the people who work for them.


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