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“Free Gifts” Companies’ Mantra to Address Slowdown & Festive Mood

These days, there are really a lot of companies that are having some problem with their sales and among the things that they do to address this is to give some special gifts and discounts on their clients. This is usually done on special events and celebrations in a certain place.

Panasonic logo

Panasonic logo

For the festive season in Kolkata, consumers can expect that there will be good bargains for them from companies that are known when it comes to different sectors in the market like Panasonic, Samsung, Whirlpool, Godrej and Videocon. This is not quite an easy decision in part of the companies mainly because the price of the raw materials of their product is not going down.

According to the managing director for consumers products of Panasonic India, promotional offers had really helped them a lot when it comes to connecting to their buyers. It had been observed that sales are really good for the times that these promotions are still up, but when its closed, the markets is really not good for them.


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