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India Is Google’s 2nd Largest Base After US

Google India is definitely doing a great job in improving the company. If you will be visiting their office in India, you might think that it is quite the same as like a normal company that rents its space and does things for any large multinational. This kind of environment is way far from Google’s headquarters in California or the one in Zurich.

Google Logo

Google Logo

The environment might not be that flashy and luxurious, still the center in India plays a big role in the global operation of the company. There are about 750 million advertisements that pass through them before it is delivered on the web that could be viewed across the world.

This center started small on the year 2005 and from then it had been continuously growing.  Surely, without their branch in India, Google might not have been able to scale up to doubling their annual sales. This information was provided by Arijit Sarker, Director of Google India operation.



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