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Clear Burn – A new diesel Additive from Mana Energy

With the cost of fuel constantly on the rise, people have always sought on how they are going to save money with this problem. Good thing since the market today offers some additives on diesel that would help people save fuel consumption.

Clear Burn Mana Energy Logo Products

Clear Burn – Mana Energy

Mana energy is joining the companies that offer this product by launching its diesel additive that they claim could save fuel consumption by up to 15 per cent. The name of the additive is Clear Burn which has been certified by the Shriram Institute for Industrial Research. It is also a sulphur-free chemical compound.

According to Chairman of Mana Energy, Roger Mitchell when this additive is added to fuel, it could also reduce the exhaust smoke emitted by a vehicle. It also sooths smoke build-up in the machine. This additive is available in bottles of 250 ml which can treat 1,000 litres of diesel. This is definitely a must have product for all vehicle owners today.


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