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Indian Firms Starting To Invest More on Mobile Marketing

According to the study titled: “The New Digital Mobile Consumer: How large companies are Responding.”, in 2012, an average company is willing to spend between USD 13 million and USD 22 million to market, sell and service digital mobile consumers. As we all know everyone today owns a mobile phone.

Mobile Marketing in India

Mobile Marketing in India

Adding to this fact is the reality that a person does not own only one cellular phone. This is a good input for the company since this just means that they are easily reachable through cellular phones. If companies will exploit the availability of cellular phones for their business, sales would surely rise.

A lot of effort is being done by companies in order to understand the digital consumer today. According to TCS MD and CEO N Chandrasakaran, the needs of these consumers are becoming diverse. With this, a diversified way of offering service to these consumers is also needed. Companies must continuously respond to the needs of their consumers in order to become successful.


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