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Rs. 157 Crore Himachal project bagged by Core Education

Computer based education is trending these days. It has become a must for a learning institution to be able to provide computer access and training to students to make them competitive in whatever it is that they wanted to do.

Core Education and Technologies which is among these institutions had just won an information and communications technology project from Himachal Pradesh Government. This project is worth Rs 167.45 crore.

Core Education Logo

Core Education Logo

This education provider will be developing a computer-aided learning solution to 1,471 schools across 12 districts in the state. The confirmation about this project was done by Core Education Chairman and Global Chief Executive Officer Sanjeev Mansotra.

Also, according to the later, this move of the government is quite timely, since it is now the time that we set aside the traditional way of classrooms and settle with the digitalized ones.

Computerization of classrooms will be making education more effective, comprehensive, and accessible to young students of all social status.


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