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20% growth expected by Bajaj Electricals for this Fiscal Year

Home appliances have become a steady market which is among the reasons why companies in this market are getting some good gains. The need for home products had remained constant is sometimes it does grow. Among the companies that benefit on this is Bajaj Electricals Ltd.

Bajaj Electricals Logo

Bajaj Electricals Logo

This home appliance major is now looking on a 20 per cent growth for the current fiscal year. The total revenue of the company last year stood at Rs 3,200 crore and for the current year, they are looking to end it at Rs 3,700 crore. The company is now leading in some items when it comes to sales like being no 2 in induction cooker sales.

The company is now doing their best to expand in other markets since it is really important for a company to be known for their business to constantly grow. Most of their acquisition had helped them a lot when it comes to making their business grow. They are still exploring on acquisition opportunities until now.


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