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Proline To Launch Footwear and Energy Drink Products In India

A company should be able to meet the needs of its clients in the market that it is in. Among the companies that had done this effectively is Proline. This company is now entering the category of footwear and energy drinks. This expansion made by the company is still adheres to their goal of providing sport wear brands or products of high quality to their clients.

Proline Garments Logo

Proline Garments

Even though the company is entering a new market, still their focus is on the market where they dominate most. According to the CEO of the company, Sandeep Mukin, the apparel market today is of high competition buy still they are able to see some potentials in the footwear category.

The objective of the company is to provide people with products that are of good value to their money. In entering another market for footwear and energy drinks, they would still consider their core objectives.


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