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Special Mock trading session By NSE on Oct 6

October 6 will be a good day for those who wanted to know something about stock exchange. The National Stock Exchange will be conducting a special live trading session in future & options and currency derivatives segment.

NSE Logo National Stock Exchange

NSE – National Stock Exchange

This would be a good trading session for all. According to NSE, on that date, a mock-trading session will occur to test the system performance in the Currency Derivatives and Futures & Options segment. This test would play an important role for them to know if the system would be effective or not.

Here is the schedule: Saturday, October 06, 2012

  • Pre-open order entry open Time 10:00 hrs
  • Pre-open order entry close time (with random closure in last one minute) 10:08 hrs
  • Normal Market open time 10:15 hrs
  • Normal Market close time 11:00 hrs
  • Auction Market start time 10:20 hrs
  • Auction Market end time 10.50 hrs
  • SME Call Auction start time 10:20 hrs
  • SME Call Auction end time 10:50 hrs
  • Closing Session start 11:10 hrs
  • Closing Session end 11:15 hrs
  • Re-Login start time 13:00 hrs
  • Re-Login stop time 13:30 hrs

NSE Mock Trading Helpline – helpdesk no: 022-2656 7500

Click here for daily Mock Trading Sessions

A plan like this of NSE is a good sign that the department is doing their job. This is an assurance that the government is doing their best in order to support those people in India who are working in trade and industry. This is definitely not an easy market, which is why they have to do something to be able to help that small scale business improve.

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