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Nissan To Re-Launch Datsun For Rs. 4 Lakh

The Chief executive of Nissan Carlos Ghosn told reporters that they are planning to re-launch retro-brand Datsun with a price that would be affordable for a lot of people in developing countries. This new cost of the said vehicle is expected to be around Rs. 4 lakh and is planned to hit the roads in 2014.

Nissan Datsun Car Pictures

Nissan Datsun

This move of the company is to target the market of developing countries like India, Indonesia and Russia. They will be offering the said car model at prices that would be below the current Nissan offering. This is definitely a good way to attract customers and new clients.

A lot of us know that many of vehicle owners today would want something that they could have in an affordable cost without compromising its quality. And Nissan had been doing their best to answer this need of their clients. Among their plans to cut the cost of the vehicle is to source all parts of the car in the country where the product would be finished and sold.


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