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Luxury Homes No More profitable for Indian Investors!

There is quite a shift in the real estate market these days since the market had shown less returns. According to Singvhi, the returns have crashed over the last six months. This means that there are now fewer people who are becoming interested with buying luxury homes.

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There are quite a lot of reasons for this and this includes economic problems and the cost of buying these luxury homes. It is not quite economical these days to be buying luxurious homes.

As a sign that the market on real estate is not doing good, prices of luxury apartments across the country in different cities like Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore are not anymore rising compared to what it was about two years ago.

This is among the reasons why investors are slowly taking their backs in the market. Two years ago, estate developers have seen an opportunity for high end luxury houses, but it had gone short for the past two years.


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