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FDI won’t do good for Kiranas, Infrastructure and Farmers?

A lot of us know that the government should be creating policies for the betterment of the people. Among the policy that is becoming a big concern today is FDIMBR – Foreign Direct Investment in Multi-Brand Retail. According to some experts this policy would not do well to kiranas, infrastructure and even on farmers in the country.

FDI in Multi brand retail FDIMBR

FDI in Multi brand retail FDIMBR

This is because FDIMBR is a policy objective. Rather, it should be a policy tool that will serve as a solution to the long problems experienced by a lot of people especially the farmers. In order to make this country a progressive one, those at the bottom should be given a hand.

They should be the priority of every policy that is to be implemented. This tool should be designed for lucrative prices for farmers, efficient handling of food stocks and transport. Also it should look at making a stable price on low food price inflation for consumers. Though the policy is still debated, one thing remains clear, the convenience of the people would lie on how this policy would be implemented and what are its objectives.

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