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Mercedes Benz To Launch A-Class; Priced Below 20 Lakhs

What people are mostly looking in a vehicle today is affordability. This is why a lot of companies are doing their best on how to make the cost of their vehicle competitive in the market. For German auto major Mercedes Benz, they will be introducing a model which includes the A-class where the price will be below Rs 20 lakh.

Mercedes Benz A Class - India Pictures

Mercedes Benz A Class

This is among their efforts to regain the number one spot in the Indian luxury car market. The company will be having 40 per cent of their entire product range to be priced below Rs 25 lakh in the next 5 – 10 years. This would surely drive a good volume of clients in their company.

They will be investing about Rs 250 crore on new product line up until 2014. Among the plans of the company is creating an A-model next year which would be priced around Rs 20 lakh. Also, a sports utility vehicle what is still based on the A-class platform.

Mercedes Benz India Logo

Mercedes Benz India Logo


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