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Nikon Expects 50% growth in D-SLR Camera Sales Within Next 3 Months

More and more people today love to take pictures which is why D-SLR camera are becoming more and more popular to consumers. With this the sales for cameras on any brand is expected to be around 2.5 lakh units this fiscal in India. The increase in the segment demand for DSLR camera is about 50 per cent.

Nikon Logo

Nikon Logo

The 2.5 lakh sale is better compared to what it was last year which is only about 1.7 lakh. This information was given by a top Nikon India official. According to Hiroshi Takashima, the demand for the camera doesn’t come from the professionals but rather on the individuals and amateur photographers.

These are people who wanted to get into photography or simply just people who wanted to take still images or anything that comes into their mind. Also, the company is still maintaining around 55 per cent market share showing their dominance in the market of DSLR and about 27 per cent sin compact camera segment.


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