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DLF Secures Five Patents on Building Safety and Fire Security

A patent was filed by the real estate developer DLF which is considered as India’s leading company when it comes to real estate. The five patents are related to invention for safety and security of its buildings and its residents. The company had intensified their fire safety system making their customers safer from any untoward fire incidents.

DLF Logo

DLF Logo

They have invented the firestop cable barrier. This is designed to restore the fire-resistance ratings of wall and floor assemblies by impending spread of fire. This is done by simply sealing openings with fire resistant materials and covering cables and joints by fire resistant materials.

This is definitely a good invention by the company which just shows how they value their clients. This is also among the reason why a lot of people choose real estate established by this company. Some other patent include a technique for making tanks which store inflammable and combustible liquids.


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