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Investment of Rs 150 crore on marketing by Sony India

The festive season is definitely a time where companies would be able to increase their sales since people would most likely increase their buying activities on this season. This is why Sony India today has just invested about Rs 150 crore for marketing activities. We all know that importance of marketing in any business.

Sony Logo

Sony Logo

It helps the company to reach out to as many possible customers. If proper marketing is done, surely there would be an increase of sales for a certain company. Sony India is investing on their marketing in order to achieve their target turnover of Rs 2,850 crore during the period.

They are also expecting an increase of 35-40 per cent in their overall revenue for the current fiscal. According to Sony India Managing Director, Kenichiro Hibi, the company will be implementing a dedicated marketing activity from September to November. Surely the company had realized the importance of marketing for them to achieve a high turnaround this year.


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