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New Caravans in India Introduced by Basecamp

For people who are adventurous, basecamp had introduced two imported caravans in India. Basecamp is an Indian adventure travel accessories company that is quite known in the country. The two caravans that it had introduced are Hymer Sporting Style 465 and Dethleffs Newline 410tk, priced at Rs 22 lakh and Rs 16 lakh respectively.

Basecamp Caravans

Basecamp Caravans

Both prices are still added by taxes. For the record, Hymer is known in Europe considered as the largest caravan and motorhome manufacturer in the place. The Dethleffs is also one of the biggest caravan providers in Europe. For the information of everyone, these caravans are enriched with full range facilities such as bathrooms, beds, fridge, cooking range, dining area and seating area.

Air-conditioning and television are also available. This would surely make these caravans a good place for travel making your trips more convenient and more fun. There are definitely a lot of things that you can do in these caravans all for the convenient of you.


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