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Mahindra Lifespaces enters Low-Cost Affordable Housing Segment In Mumbai & Chennai

A lot of us know that most people today are looking for affordable houses. This might be among the reasons why Mahindra Lifespaces is planning to enter the low-cost houses projects. They definitely have seen the potential profit that they would get in affordable housing segment.

Mahindra Lifespaces Logo

Mahindra Lifespaces Logo

These projects would be seen in cities like Mumbai and Chennai. According to the Managing director of the company and also Chief Executive Anita Arjundas, they are seriously taking these projects. As their first move, they had already purchased lands in Mumbai and Chennai.

If everything is set and the approval of the project would be pass, they would surely start the project immediately. As to the size of the investment and when to launch the first projects, the director did not give any details about it.

The company has been known for catering middle and high-end housing segment. It has been developing projects for different places like Mumbai, Pune and Faridabad.


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