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New Mid-size sedan Manza variant “Club Class” for Tata Motors

Tata Motors is doing its best in order to improve their business by improving their products and services offered. In line with this, they had recently launched a new variant of its mid-size sedan Manza called the Tata Manza Club Class which is priced between Rs 5.70 lakh (petrol) and Rs 6.49 lakh (diesel). The car is said to achieve a mileage of 21.02 km per litre for diesel and 13.7 km per for the petrol model.

Tata Manza Club Class Car Pictures

Tata Manza Club Class Car Pictures

The launch of this new car will surely help them increase their sales by the end of the FY’13. Not only that, the company is also planning to increase the number of their service centers by 200 and also an equal number for their sales network. With this increase, they will now have about 1,200 sales outlets and 1,000 service centers.

This information was provided by the new Managing director of the company Karl Slym. Slym mentioned that they are still positive when it comes to the rise of their sales for the current fiscal, but not to the extent of tying with their sales last year.

As part of their goal of dominating the market, the company will still continue in launching variants of their famous cars and will do this in regular interval.

Tata Motors Logo

Tata Motors Logo


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