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Coco Cola Posts 15% growth in Q3 sales in India

With the festive season closely approaching, Coca Cola considered as one of the major Beverage company worldwide reported a 15 per cent increase in growth in sales for the third quarter ended September 28. The company is definitely doing quite well in the market of India. This is definitely due to the strong demand of their product in the market.

Coca Cola Logo

Coca Cola Logo

According to the company, they have gained volume and value share in total NARTD beverages as well as in sparkling and still beverages in the quarter. All these growth had helped them reached a 15% increase in their sales. India is the biggest contributor in the sales increase of the company.

This just shows that a lot of people in India trust the company and had become a solid customer for the company. Among the reason is the known brand of the company and they also had established quality products in India.


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