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Maruti introduces Alto 800 at Rs 2.4 lakh

One of the best strategies that a carmaker company can do is to make a variant of their best selling car. This is exactly what Maruti Suzuki is doing. Just recently, they had launched a refreshed model of their best seller car which is Alto.

The new car Alto 800, is now available in 6 colors, so definitely  you will be getting the color that you want for you car. It comes in three variants and is priced differently between Rs 2.44 lakh and by Rs 8,000. The lower model of this car is almost the same with the previous, but the high end models are costlier by around Rs 8,000.

Maruti Alto 800 Car Images

Maruti Alto 800 Car Images

It is quite obvious that the released of these refreshed models are for the youth. According to the Chief Operating Officer of the company, MayankPareek, most of the customers of the company is less than 35 years of age so they are trying to use this effectively.

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