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India Is The Second largest market for SsangYoung Automobiles

In a statement given by chief executive of SsangYoung, Yoo-ll Lee, they are hopeful that India would become their second largest market when it comes to export. The company is owned by M&M which is considered as a major SUV car maker. Lee added that the market of India is quite good for them and they are confident that their company would do well in the said country.

But, when it comes to the time when would this happen, the chief executive did not give any information. Lee made a speaking during a launch of Rexton under the premium SUV category and it had been positioned against other vehicles launched by known competitors in the market like Ford.

The Korean SUV major SsangYoung is doing great in the markets of Europe and Latin America which is currently their two largest export markets. For the record, the company had shipped around two-thirds of their production during the last year.

SsangYong Rexton Logo

SsangYong Rexton Logo


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