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Dabur Real Juices Beat Tropicana & Minute Maid With 52% Market Share in India

A lot of us know that the carbonated drinks market is highly dominated by foreign companies like Coke and Pepsi. But even though this is the case, one company had decided to bring in some fight in the market of juices and also in the beverage category.

Dabur did their best, but on their first three years, they were not able to do good and had some thoughts of making the wrong decision of challenging these big companies. There are a lot of reasons why Dabur Real juices is not doing well. One is the cost of juices which is higher compared to other drinks.

Also, they packaged juices contain preservatives that also kill the natural taste of it. The company really experienced a slow growth. Adding to their problem is the addition of Pepsi Tropicana and Coke Minute Maid in the market. Since the two companies had already established their names, making people patronize their product is not that much of a problem anymore.

But after a decade, the company had now made some serious growths n the package juice market beating those of big companies.

Dabur Logo

Dabur Logo


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