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With Walmart & Carrefour, Property Rentals Surge In tier 2/tier 3 Indian Cities

There is now a surge in the rentals in Tier II/III due to the coming of the festival season. It is definitely sure that more and more people would be using the service of cash-and-carry business. As a sign that the market is doing better, French retailer Carrefour has opened its third store in Meerut.

Another company had also made their move with having its operation in Amritsar and this company is the German Company Metro Cash and Carry. The big company Walmart had already established their presence in the two cities. Since India had decided to allow foreign direct investments in multi-brand retail, the French retailer had been encouraged to open stores in the country.

The other company Carrefour would cover a key catchment area in the cash-and-carry business in the area of North India with its opening of Agra store. While metro’s Amritsar store will also have its presence felt in the north.

Carrefour Logo

Carrefour Logo


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