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Microsoft India Launches Internship – Placement Program for Non-Technical Colleges

Microsoft Corporation in India has though of a good way of being useful in the community by providing programs intended for the development of future career seekers. This initiative of the company is led by Sank Akerkar, the managing director of the company in India.

Microsoft Logo

Microsoft Logo

The company is now aiming to tie-up with colleges for technologies, training, certification, support and also some connections for internship. They will be proving most of the technologies for free and some subsidized costs for colleges that are interested for the program.

This is definitely a good way for colleges to get their clients in the edge when it comes to training and education. Those colleges who are interested in these programs could send an email to indiacad@microsoft.com and start the process to get into the program.

A lot of us know that the problem when it comes to employability mostly depends on the schools where students would get their training. If these colleges would have good tie in the industry, then it would also be good for the clients.


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