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Net Profit rises 20 per cent for Chambal Fertilisers at Rs 109 cr

For the quarter that had ended September 30, among the companies that noted an increase in net profit is Chambal Feritlisers and Chemicals. The company was able to post a 20 per cent increase in net profit at Rs 109.53. According to the company, they were able to generate a net profit of Rs 91.65 a year ago.

The company had also experienced an increase in their profit on the 2nd quarter of 2012-13 with net sales that increased by about 43 per cent getting as high as Rs 2,339.62 from Rs 1,638.17 crore in the same fiscal period last year.

The company mentioned that among the reasons why their business is gaining good profit is their decision to expand their investments.

Even though their overall expense went high, still their investment pulled out some good numbers for their net profit. The company is not only focused in one industry since it is also doing business like shipping textiles, software and infrastructure.

Chambal Fertilisers Logo

Chambal Fertilisers Logo




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