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Force Motors Looking to sell 40,000 Vehicle units this fiscal – 2012-13

The company Force Motors which is based in Pune, a commercial vehicle maker made a statement recently that they are aiming to be able to sell 40,000 vehicles in 2012-2013 fiscal. This would give them a growth of 25 per cent higher than their performance last year.

Force Motors Logo

Force Motors

In order to achieve this increase, the company is doing their best to achieve a turover that would be equivalent to Rs 2,750 crore in order to meet their target. Also, they had included in a statement that on the year 2013, they will be introducing high-end passenger vehicle in the market.

This is definitely something that a lot of people should look out for. According to the President of the company, Naresh Kumar Rattan, the company was able to sold 32,000 units last financial year that is why aiming for 40,000 this current fiscal is quite achievable for them.

They just have to be focused in running their business well to make sure that their clients would always be satisfied with them.



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