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Britannia Reports A 20% Increase in Net Profit

Britannia Industries is also doing well with their business and as a proof, they were able to post 20.47 per cent rise in profit to Rs 45.60 Cr. for the quarted that ended September 30,2012. During last year’s fiscal, they were able to gain only Rs 37.85 crore only during the same period.

Britannia Logo

Britannia Logo

According to a statement given by the company, they were able to have a net sales of Rs 1,402.80 crore. In a statement given by the Managing Director of the company Vinita Bali, the company was able to gain during this fiscal due to their efforts for profitable growth.

They are able to have this success, amidst the increase in commodity and fuel cost making it hard for any company to get some gains. The company was able to get some profit by putting their focus on important areas in the business like revenue management, cost management and innovation.




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