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Rs. 1000 Crore investment by Sulfex Mattress

For the next five years, Sulfex Mattress is planning to invest Rs 1,000 crore in different sectors in the Kerala state. According to the Managing Director of the company M T P Muhammad Kunji, they will be doing a preliminary discussion with the state government about this plan.

Sulfex Matresses Logo

Sulfex Matresses Logo

The company is planning to invest the mentioned amount to different sectors in the state, but a priority would be given to manufacture and construction.  There will be two people whom the company is planning to have a discussion with and these are Chief Minister Oommen Chandy and Industrial Minister Kunhalikutty.

The report about this project and its investment plan has already been submitted to the right people for approval. For the record, the company started with a capacity to produce around 150 mattresses and now it is able to produce and sell 1,000 mattresses daily. This just proves that the company is getting better as it does its business in time.


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