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Akshaya Limited – Constructing Green Buildings Made a Company Worth Rs. 350 Cr.

Akshaya Limited is a successful and still growing company today. They are mostly into construction and development of buildings and houses. Though the company is now souring high, it doesn’t mean that it had reached its place instantly. The owner of the company is not a rich man from the beginning which is the reason why he traveled the long road to success compared to other successful entrepreneur.

The company started small but steadily. The owner started as a working employee in a certain firm where he was able to learn from his work experience. Having a deep feeling of building his own or managing his own project, he decided to put up his own company thus the birth of Akshaya Limited.

The company was able to become successful mainly because it concentrated on projects that are doable and profitable. The owner of the company did not have any problem with the work since he had some contacts with his previous work so everything went smoothly.

Akshaya Logo Green Buildings

Akshaya Logo – Green Buildings




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