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OMC Launches Bijli Box – Providing electricity to homes in Rural Areas

We all know that electricity is very much important. But due to geographic and other reasons, there are places where electricity could not reach. With this, a renewal energy company in the name of OMC Power is doing its best to provide electricity to rural parts of Uttar Pradesh.

OMC Rural Power Logo

OMC Rural Power Logo

This is done by delivering solar-charged batteries to homes that is placed in a box more commonly known as the ‘Bijli Box’. With this, a household could have uninterrupted power supply for about 12 hours. Another good thing about this device is its affordable cost.

This company was started by three former employees of Ericsson. Today, there are now supplying electricity to about 3,000 households in remote areas where power lines by big companies could not reach.

If everything would work well for the company, they are aiming to provide electricity to another 24,000 homes by the end of the year. The distribution of electricity was made possible by a solar plant at Jangaon in Hardoi.


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