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The growth of Edusports into a Rs 8.3 crore Company

When the concept of EduSport started, there are only a few investors who got interested in it. People who initited the venture used their personal savings together with some partner companies and some angel funding. Upon starting their business, they actually have to wait for months before they were able to manage a comprehensive sports curriculum.

They are really lucky enough to be given the chance and good thing they never turned down the chance. By the end of the year, they were about to get the attention and trust of 10 schools. Which help them post a turnover of Rs 60 lakh.

Since the need of the company grew, the size of their team also grew to 20. This was the slow start of the company, and with every venture, they now enjoy the fruit of their labor. Currently, the have impacted nearly 220 schools. This is about 1.5 lakh students in all.

It does not only do good for the students but also help physical education instruction and provide them with employment.

EduSports Logo

EduSports Logo


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