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Honda’s First Diesel car Amaze To Be Launched soon in Indian Market

Honda will be presenting in the India market its first diesel engine car which would surely help them boost their popularity in the market. Though they have been selling larger diesel engine vehicle in the European markets for years, it will be the first in India.

Honda Amaze Diesel Pictures

Honda Amaze Diesel Pictures

This new car of Honda is nicknamed the Smart Micro Limousine. It is stilled made in line with the motto of the company which is Man Maximum, Machine Minimum. This car will definitely provide buyers with practical and reliable diesel alternative.

When it comes to its design, the car is clearly the Brio clone especially in the front. Though there are just some minor changes. This car will be about less than four-meters long with a sport diesel engine. Its engine will be an all-aluminum unit to leverage the weight savings. Honda Amaze is expected to be priced at Rs. 7.6 Lakh

This new car of Honda will surely be another sight that a lot of car lovers would be craving for. It is not only good and conventional but will also be reliable for any of your transportation needs.




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