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Online Shopping Is Not Yet Popular in India [Survey]

Though some might say that online shopping has become popular these days due to the internet, this is not quite true in the market of India. As the survey says, online shopping is yet to find its peak in the mentioned country.  The reigning master of advertising that persuades most all age groups is still the television.

Ecommerce in India

Ecommerce in India

There are some companies in India that are doing their best to apply e-shopping market in their business, but less efforts had been done in order to increase online transactions of customers. In a survey conducted, only about 15 per cent of people purchase products online.

What people do today is still doing online and offline research in order to determine where they would be able to buy for less. Though they visit websites, they still refer to other mediums such as television, newspaper and magazines.

Though this is the case, definitely, time will come that people in India would see the good sides of online shopping.

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