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BSE Plans IT System Revamp To Handle 1 Lakh Transactions Per Second

The Bombay Stock Exchange has a constant increasing demand that is why it is planning to process and enhancement in its IT capabilities. With this improvement it will be able to cater one lakh orders a second. The organization wanted to enhance their scalability since base on their record, they get around 10,000 orders a second.

BSE Logo

BSE Logo

They could not anymore handle this number of orders due to some system restrictions which is why a revamp in their system is really necessary. Once this upgrade will be finished, the computer system would be among the top performing system in the world.

The BSE will be revamped with the following transactions putting into consideration, trading, clearing, settlement, back office and collaterals.

It networks in such organizations really has to meet the fast and growing demand of people. The good thing is that enhancing IT system is not have difficult to achieve especially if you have an experienced and skilled IT company who will do the job.


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