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Nestle Opens Its First R&D Center in India

To further their development and dominance in India, Nestle India opened recently its first research and development center in the said country. This will help them understand better Indian consumers and in order for them to provide technological expertise in their business.

According to Nestle Chief Executive Officer Paul Bulcke, the goal of the center is to gain important insights of the eating habits of people in the community and also to know their taste preferences. They will also do some intensive studies on how they will be able to use and process local ingredients to develop products in the country and even use it for products outside.

Nestle Logo

Nestle Logo

Being able to use local ingredients wisely would surely help them offer their product affordably. The company really believes that it is important to acquire local knowledge and use it in a global scale that would definitely give advantage on the company.

The said center will specialize in Asian noodles and will focus on affordable and nutritious products.


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