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Male Deodrants Take Up 70% share in deodorant & perfume market in India

We all know that men are not quite into personal care products compared to women. But when it comes to one segment which is the deodorant category, men are surely exercising their choice differently. As a result, the deodorant segment of men had overtaken the female segment with a good lead.

Most of the time, commonly used households, male are restricted to using products that are also used by women. Whatever the product is like shampoos, cream and the likes, male tends to use products that are supposed to be used by women.

The deodorant market had its increase in demand due to male patronage. We all know that men are more active than women that are why they need to use deodorants that are made for their active lifestyle. This just means that men also plays a big role in the market, but it is not that big compared to what women does in general.

Male Deodrant India

Male Deodrant India


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