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LinkedIn Starts Accepting Indian Rupee transactions?

LinkedIn which is a professional networking firm becoming popular today is planning to allow payments in Indian rupee. For now, they are only able to allow payments through credit cards for premium members and ad space on the portal.

Linkedin Logo

Linkedin Logo

But, even though it is not yet possible now, the Director of the company in Marketing Solutions is giving an assurance that they are working on it and are now evaluating the different options that they have.

The director of the company also quoted in the two-day digital Summit 2012 held at the Indian School of Business, that the firm had crossed the 1.7 crore member mark in India last month. LinkedIn is definitely a growing network where 40 lakh professionals joining every month.

Among the reasons why this occurs is because of the usefulness and ease of use of the internet when it comes to marketing any business. Your business would surely be successful if you know how to use the internet for your greater advantage.


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