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“StockTrak” Contest At Perspective 2012 – Nirma University, Gujarat

Hello Folks,

Presenting “StockTrak” virtual stock contest in association with the Finance Club of Nirma University at their annual fest – Perspective 2012.

StockTrak @ Perspective 2012, Nirma University - Gujarat

StockTrak @ Perspective 2012, Nirma University – Gujarat

The participants are familiar with rules and regulations of ‘StockTrak’ as they have registered at Perspective website.

‘StockTrak’ event is divided in 3 phases:

  • Phase 1: Online Stock market simulation game
  • Phase 2: Equity research draft submission
  • Phase 3: Equity research report presentation

We’ll select top 10 gainers of the virtual game and they’ll go to Phase 2. No prize for winners at the end of phase 1. At the end of phase 3, Winner gets Rs.12,000 and Runner-Up gets Rs.8,000.

Contest participants will be provided with 25 Lakh worth virtual cash. The contest starts November 26th, Monday onwards.

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Participants are requested to go through these to familiarize themselves with the Virtual Stock Exchange portal:

Part 1: An Introduction To Openmarket’s Virtual Stock Exchange

Part 2: How To Trade Shares on Openmarkets.in using the Virtual Stock Market?

Part 3: Using Openmarket.in to do your Investment research and track stocks

We also conduct Virtual / Online Stock Market Games, Events and Stock Trading mock sessions and training. Click here to contact us.

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