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Digital Banking 2012 – Data Analysis and Social Media Are Integral Parts

With the advancements in technology, everything simply had become possible. The only limitation of what technology could do now is our imagination. According to expert bankers, customer data analysis and social media would play a big role in delivering banking services and maintaining customer loyalty.

Digital Banking

Digital Banking

According to Ajai Kumar, Chairman and Managing Director of Corporation Bank, data of customers in banks should be used to provide customer with new experience making their banking a lot easier for them.

What companies even banks today aims is the loyalty of customers that is why each company should do their best to use the information they have to help their customers be at ease with what they do.

When it comes to banking, it would be easier if ATM machines would be able to determine your banking behavior. This way, better and fast service could be rendered.

When it comes to social media, banks can use it to connect with prospective customers.

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