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Foradian Tech Targets Africa Education Sector for Growth

Foradian Technologies Pvt Ltd, creator of source school management software, has begun to focus its attention on the education sector in Africa. Mr Unni Koroth, the company’s CEO, states that the company recently tested out their school management software , dubbed “Fedena” ,in Zambia at the Technical and Vocational Teachers College (TVTC).

Foradian Technologies Logo - Founder

Foradian Technologies Founder - Unni

Foradian provided onsite implementation and training, and was customized per the processes of the TVTC. Foradian has also entered into a partnership with a company in Kenya, where they aim to target government schools in Kenya and other African countries.

Up to this point, Foradian has installed its software in 15,000 schools under the Kerala Government’s Sampoorna school management system project. Foradian has also made strategic partnership with start-up and established technology companies in Africa, given them the exclusive right to resell the software. At present, the company has 8 partners in Africa, but with plans to boost that figure to 20.


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