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Kailash Katkar – How He Started Quick Heal, Leading Anti-Virus Solution From India

It is not everyday that one comes across a truly inspiring story of success, interwoven with hardwork, vision, judgment calls, and yes, the ability to spot opportunities. Kailash Katkar, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Quick Heal Technologies, is our man of the hour.

Quick Heal Logo

Quick Heal Logo

He is an entrepreneur who is driven to maintain the industry niche his company has achieved as a result of the software boom.
Looking back, Kailash Katkar, started his entrepreneurial venture with a calculator repair business in Pune in the 1990’s.

He utilized his initial savings of Rs 15,000, earned from a previous employment, where he learned much about radios, calculators and book keeping.

Not one to rest on his laurels, Kailash Katkar, realized that the ongoing software development boom of the early 90’s was opening doors of opportunities. He set up another company, the CAT Computer Services, alongside his repair business. He eventually penetrated big accounts such as the New India Insurance.

Big business breaks increasingly grew for the companies he owned and when he started to offer anti-virus software, as major business solution for computer maintenance, Kailash Katkar hit the proverbial pot of gold.

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